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Augusta County Trout 

Travel from one side of the Shenandoah Valley to the other in search of every trout fishing style we can offer. Opportunities for wild trout abound with the George Washington National Forest on the western side of Staunton and Shenandoah National Park to the east. Hike through rhododendron bushes and hemlock stands while using 3 weights for native brookies and wild rainbows. Hatches bounce off of the streams as it tumbles through the mountains and dry fly fishing is both challenging and effective in such tight quarters. Private water located just outside of Staunton allows for a scenic farm setting near a mountain town with culture.

Catch 15”+ rainbows and browns during the day and have a custom private dinner, or hit the town for a gourmet meal in one of our many award winning establishments. Finish your weekend up with a trip to Mossy Creek, our most renowned spring creek. Likely some of the most technical fishing you might encounter in Virginia, Mossy is a challenge, but home to some really big brown trout. Micromidges, Tricos, and size 18 and 20 BWO’s are some of the likely flies and sizes to expect, or ripping big streamers through deeper holes. This stream will leave you ready for bed after your trip, but you’ll dream about that one brown that flashed at your fly. 


Staunton provides a variety of lodging and dining options. We want you to experience your trip the way you want. That means we will handle everything. From daily prepared meals, transportation to the stream, gear, reservations and lodging.. Please contact us today so we can put together your unique fly fishing experience.

Two people minimum starting at $2500, Four Maximum starting at $4000

Package Details 

-One day of brook trout fishing in either George Washington National Forest or Shenandoah National Park- this requires a potential of several miles of hiking up a steep gradient. You should expect to climb downed logs, boulders, and around waterfall areas. We are out of cell service range. 

-One day on a private trout stream. Roughly a mile of private stream 20-30’ wide. Wading is necessary, but no more than waist deep. The terrain is flat but getting up

and down the bank is an obstacle at places. Plenty of open areas

for casting and practising different techniques. Lunch is provided

during the day

-One day on the public section at Mossy Creek. This creek flows

through farmland so it is fairly flat terrain but walking is

essential. No wading is allowed, but the areas surrounding the

stream are muddy and boggy. Fishing can be hard, especially for

beginners, but can still be a great learning opportunity for any


Overall, expect a few days of moving a good bit. The streams in

general are small and you need to cover a lot of ground to

continue to catch fish. We always work at everyone else’s pace

to put you on the good spots in the streams. We will keep you

well fed and supplied for the day, and arrange everything for

the evenings. Contact us today to explore Augusta County Trout. 




8AM Meet at White’s Way for breakfast

9AM Fishing at Ramsay’s Draft

1PM Lunch- sandwich made with local bread, meats, and cheeses, local made potato chips, and fruit*

5PM Stop fishing and leave for lodging

6PM Dinner- local Steak with roasted potatoes and green beans with local wine*



7AM Prepared breakfast- Bacon & Eggs with Baked Apples*

8AM Fishing private water at Cromer Farm

12PM Lunch -Cowboy Chili with Cornbread and local lager*

4PM Stop fishing and return to lodging

6PM prepared meal- BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Coleslaw*



7AM Prepared Breakfast- French Toast with Sausage and local maple syrup*

8AM Fishing Mossy Creek

12PM Lunch-Chicken Salad on Croissants and small charcuterie board*

1pm Fish until everyone is ready to head out

*All Meals Are Samples. We Gather Products Locally Seasonally and are Happy to Work with Requests or Dietary Restrictions*

Call us today to reserve this trip at 540.280.3815

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