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Fly Fishing in the
Shenandoah Valley VA 

Nestled between the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains, the meandering streams of the valley offer anglers an idyllic fishing destination. Conveniently located within a few hours from DC and just a 90 minute drive from Richmond, the Valley offers a perfect fly fishing weekend getaway.


We offer fly fishing lessons and clinics on local creeks, rivers, and ponds right in town! Middle River Outfitters manages many stretches of private trophy waters in Staunton including a 3 acre pond, a spring creek, and two mile stretch of Christians Creek perfect for groups.

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Fly fishing in Shenandoah National Park is a guide to the best angling experiences amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Shenandoah streams offer fly fishers the opportunity to explore a diverse range of fishing options. From chasing native brook trout in pristine mountain streams to seeking the elusive brown and rainbow trout in the Shenandoah River, there's something for every angler.


Fishing within the park's boundaries is a unique experience, where you'll need a valid Virginia state fishing license and adhere to Shenandoah National Park fishing regulations.

The park's streams consistently produce large brook trout, and the best hatches can be found in areas like the Rapidan River and Moormans River. 


The best time to fish varies by season, but whenever you choose to explore Shenandoah's waters, the opportunity to catch nice trout and enjoy the thrill of fly fishing awaits. So, immerse yourself in the recreational fishing options that Shenandoah National Park streams have to offer and discover the joy of catching wild trout in this pristine wilderness.

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Why Choose Us

Our friendly guides are not only experts in their field but also exceptional teachers, ensuring that beginners feel comfortable and confident from the moment they step into the water. We take pride in our believe that everyone, regardless of their level of experience, can enjoy the thrill of fly fishing.   


We are proud to foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity. We warmly welcome individuals of all backgrounds, so come as you are and leave as an angler. At Middle River Outfitters, you'll find not just exceptional fishing experiences but also a kind and friendly community that celebrates the rich tapestry of our angling family.​

FAQs about Trout Fishing
on Streams
in Shenandoah Valley 

Will we go on public waters or private waters? 

Either one! Virginia offers miles of public mountain streams for catch and release fly fishing adventures. Alternatively, head to one of our private, stocked streams with abundant fish to be caught. Our local waters offer a chance to catch brook trout, smallmouth bass, and other types of fish offering endless opportunities to improve your fly fishing skills. 

Can I bring my family? 

Of course! We love teaching children and families of all ages. 

Do I need a fishing license for Shenandoah National Park fishing?

Yes, to fish within Shenandoah National Park boundaries, you must possess a valid Virginia state fishing license. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources oversees fishing regulations within the park.

What is the best time to fish in Shenandoah National Park?

The best time to fish in Shenandoah National Park varies by season. Spring and fall are popular for hatches, and summer is great for dry-fly fishing. However, many anglers prefer the solitude of winter fishing when the streams are less crowded.

Can I catch brown trout in Shenandoah National Park streams?

Absolutely! Shenandoah streams offer opportunities to catch brown trout, along with native brook trout and rainbow trout. The Rapidan River and South River are known for their brown trout populations.

Are there fishing options outside of Shenandoah National Park?

Yes, there are fishing options outside the park as well. The Shenandoah River and the Shenandoah Valley offer additional fishing opportunities for fly fishers looking to explore different waters.

How can I build the perfect fly rod for Shenandoah Valley fly fishing?

Building the perfect fly rod can be a rewarding experience. You can find fly tying materials and guidance at local fly shops like South River Fly Shop  to create a custom rod that suits your preferences.

Are there any stocked trout in Shenandoah National Park streams?

Shenandoah National Park primarily supports wild trout populations, including native brook trout. While some streams may have stocked trout, the focus is on preserving and enhancing the wild trout habitat.

Where can I find the largest trout in the park?

Large trout can often be found in areas like Big Run Loop Trail, Rocky Mountain Run Trail, and the Rapidan River Trailhead. These locations provide opportunities to catch the largest trout in Shenandoah National Park.

Do I need to release fishing information when fishing within Shenandoah National Park?

Yes, the park encourages catch-and-release fishing to preserve the delicate ecosystem. Anglers are encouraged to release the fish they catch to maintain the health of the streams and the trout population.

What are the best hatches for fly the park?

Shenandoah streams experience a variety of hatches throughout the year. Some of the best hatches include caddisflies, mayflies, and stoneflies, which can attract feeding trout.

Can I find bass fishing opportunities within Shenandoah National Park?

While Shenandoah National Park is primarily known for trout fishing, some areas may offer smallmouth bass fishing opportunities in the lower park boundaries, particularly along the Shenandoah River. However, trout hold a prominent place in the park's fishing offerings.

Where can I found out more about Shenandoah National Park Fishing Regulations? 

To find out more about Shenandoah National Park Fishing Regulations, you can visit the official Shenandoah National Park website. They provide comprehensive information about park rules and regulations related to fishing, including specific guidelines on fishing seasons, catch limits, and other important details. Additionally, you can also contact the park's visitor center or the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources for the most up-to-date information and guidance on fishing within Shenandoah National Park.

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