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Meet Justin


Founder and Head Guide of Virginia-based Middle River Outfitters, Justin was introduced to the sport of fly fishing industry at the age of 12 through a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching youth and conservation projects. Over the past 20 years, he has worked as a guide, sales rep, instructor, clinician, and currently dedicates his time as president of the Virginia chapter of the aforementioned nonprofit. 


Originally hailing from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Justin has fished extensively throughout the Potomac, Shenandoah, and Savage River. Justin is a graduate of the Sweetwater Travel Company Guide School, an Orvis-endorsed guide, and an instructor for the master’s class of BOJC in Maryland. 


As a guide, Justin is kind, patient, and jovial. In his own words, “I have never lost the appreciation for the simplicity of learning a new thing, trying to see the world through a fish’s eyes, or just how the serenity of a forest by the water’s edge can make a lot melt away. I love to take people fishing and teach them something new or different, but I also appreciate sharing in a learning experience.” Join Justin for your next fishing adventure.

Meet Dave

Justin's longtime friend, Dave, has been working as a guide for Middle River Outfitters since our opening. A skilled angler with a love for the great outdoors, Dave is your go-to guide for a memorable day of fishing. Raised with a rod in hand, Dave has accumulated years of knowledge and experience that he loves to share with fishing novices. He especially loves float trips for smallmouth bass along the Shenandoah River.


A lifetime member of Trout Unlimited, Dave's passion extends to musky and bass fishing along the tributaries of the James River. He has a knack for understanding the subtle behaviors of these elusive species, making him an excellent guide for those looking to target these fish.


Whether it's your first time holding a rod or you're looking to deepen your understanding of the sport, Dave is ready to make your fly fishing adventure one for the books. Join him on the water and experience first-hand the joy and tranquility that comes from a day of fishing in the heart of Virginia's most stunning natural landscapes.


Meet Teri


An experienced outdoorswoman hailing from the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, Teri developed her love for fishing amidst the coastal flats and bass-filled waters of her home. As an ardent kayak and canoe enthusiast, she spends most of her free time seeking the harmony that comes from being on the water.

Life has taken Teri on many adventures, from the tranquil shores of North Carolina to the wild landscapes of Alaska. Accompanied by her wife, an amateur cartographer, she frequently embarks on cross-country road trips to discover new fishing spots, blending her love for exploration with her passion for fishing. An avid hiker and mountain biker, Teri carries the spirit of adventure with her in every aspect of her life.

In the role of a fly fishing guide, Teri shines with her friendly, personable demeanor. She thoroughly enjoys imparting her wisdom on guided trips, especially with families and beginners. Her patient and approachable nature, coupled with her vast fishing knowledge, makes her an ideal guide for those new to the sport or those looking to make lasting memories with loved ones.

Join Teri on a trip and you'll find more than just a guide—you'll find an enthusiastic companion ready to share a journey full of learning, fun, and, of course, fantastic fly fishing.

Meet Chase


Meet our newest team member and seasoned fly fishing guide, Chase Killingsworth. Born and raised in Augusta County, Virginia, Chase is the latest addition to our roster of dedicated outdoorsmen. He fell in love with fly fishing in his early 20s, and since then he's been honing his skills, tying flies, building rods, and capturing the thrill of the catch. Most importantly, he has a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping others experience the joy of the sport.

Whether you're visiting Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Waynesboro, Chase is ready to guide you to the best local spots. His unrivaled understanding of the local waters, the fish that inhabit them, and the unique techniques to coax them onto your line, promises a fishing trip you won't soon forget.


Chase's patient and friendly approach to teaching, combined with his expert knowledge, makes for the perfect fly fishing experience, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler.

Why Choose Virginia for Your Next Fly Fishing Experience 

Virginia is a great place for exploration with countless fishing and outdoor opportunities throughout the state from saltwater to freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams.  The Shenandoah Valley boasts some of the finest fly fishing in the state, with abundant trout, bass, and sunfish. The Middle River flows through the Staunton area east and we are fortunate to be the only outfitter with private access. Though the river is small, it holds a great number of smallmouth and catchable sunfish. Fish are often in the 8”-12” range and great fun for a fly rod. There are numerous ledges and drop offs to pick apart, as well as several downed trees and overhanging sycamores. If you are looking for a quiet, nature filled smallmouth experience, let us be your guide service and experience Virginia like you never have before.

Are you seeking a fly fishing experience on private water? Our team has exclusive access to the hidden spots and untouched places that will give you a fly fishing experience like no other. So, pack your gear (or use ours!) and join us for a day on the water, wading through the tranquil streams, and connecting with nature. This is your invitation to step into the adventure of private water with one of our professional fly fishing guides, where every cast is a step towards mastering the art of fly fishing. 

Read more about Fly Fishing Shenandoah Valley in our blog.

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