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All Inclusive Packages

All of our packages offer private water fishing within the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding forests. A plethora of small streams drain into the 56 mile long Shenandoah River. These rivers tumble down from the mountains through rhododendron and hardwood forests and ancient slabs of limestone. Sunlight dapples water through heavy canopies and birds and the sounds of the forest abound. Fishing these tiny streams lets you experience every pool, waterfall, and rise as you climb over ferns and mossy rocks.


All packaged trips include accommodations with modern amenities (unless camping), transportation, meals & snacks, drinks, and all gear necessary.  Concierge and customized trips available. 

So Fly Festival

Join us for Bath County’s annual So Fly Festival May 6-8th. Enjoy great food and events and trout fishing on completely private waters. Explore the beauty of the mountains and enjoy all the area has to offer. From locally sourced food to your lodging at a log farmhouse with modern amenities. This all-inclusive package is one of a kind so contact us today to book your experience.

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Allegheny Trophy Trout

A three day two night inclusive trip throughout the Virginia Highlands for large trout on all private water. Target large rainbows, browns, and brookies and get a local trout slam on three different stretches of water. Starting at $3500 for 2 people. April 1st-October 31st

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Augusta County Trout

Let historic Staunton, Virginia be your base as you fish for everything the region has to offer. This three day two night inclusive trip covers trophy trout, wild brookies, and a day on Mossy Creek, Virginia’s most renown spring creek. Starting at $2500 per two people with an option of lodgings. 

April 1st-June 15th September-October 31st

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Shenandoah Trout & Bass

Experience the best of both species in your own completely private setting. This all inclusive trip offers a day of trout fishing on a private stream, then the next day a float trip for smallmouth on a local river with no public access. Starting at $2000 per two people with options for lodging. April 1st-October 31st. Both 2 and 3 day trips available.

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Shenandoah River Bass

Go after the best fighting fish in the region. Float for bronzebacks through the scenic Shenandoah Valley on this inclusive two day/one night package. Options range from a private access only smallmouth stream to several locations on the main stem. Lodging and Camping options are available. Two day/one night trips start at $1500 for two people. May 1-October 1st.

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Tye River Float

Explore the Blue Ridge Meili Mountain Style. This inclusive trip entails two days hiking and fishing for mountain brook trout on private water on the upper Tye and another day floating the Rockfish River. Experience Crabtree Falls and the surrounding area as a native. Dine by your own private waterfall and watch nature float by. Three day/two nights starting at $3500 for two people. Camping or lodging options are available. April 1st-October 31st

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