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Fly Fishing Shenandoah Valley In The Summer; the Best Fishing Spots in Augusta County

Updated: Feb 12

A landed Smallmouth Bass

Summers can be brutal here in the Shenandoah Valley. We don't deal with triple digits or wildfires, but humidity can settle over the area for weeks, without the respite of rain. Wild trout streams get dangerously low, even Shenandoah National Park was closed to fishing last year due to a drought. However, for fly fishing enthusiasts willing to tempt a sunburn, there are still fishing opportunities throughout the county.  

Mossy Creek, A Classic Virginia Trout Spring Creek

This famous fly fishing destination offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities for those looking to wet a line. The brush surrounding the banks and vegetation in the water make it especially challenging to beginning fly anglers. The classic limestone creek that features tough-to-catch brown trout bubbles of from nearby Mt. Solon and travels east  to join North River in Bridgewater. Parking is available next to Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church or right off of the Route 42 ans Route 747 intersection. Permits for Mossy Creek

Elkhorn Lake

For those looking for a little less effort and a few less tangles excellent fishing can be found at Elkhorn Lake, which is part of the North River Recreation Area in the western part of the county. A canoe or boat with trolling motor can put you on a rarely fished reservoir. Trout are stocked here in the Spring and Fall, but plenty of sunfish and Largemouth bass inhabit the fallen trees and coves of the lake. There is plenty of bank fishing access, but if you have a boat you'll find yourself with a lake to yourself.  

South River, Waynesboro

A true comeback story, South River now offers some of Virginia's best trout water, even in the summer. Studies have shown that the water is cold enough to support trout year round rainbow and brown trout populations.  Efforts between Virginia DWR and the local fly shop have stocked trout in the river for years, and a fantastic greenway allows anglers to access the river at several points around town. With hiking, restaurants, and, of course, fishing South River has become a top fly fishing destination for a day on the water.

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South Fork of the Shenandoah River

The South Fork Shenandoah River offers the opportunity for a quality smallmouth bass fishing. Many fishermen have honed their fly fishing skills casting these famed waters. This river is known for musky, too, but most anglers fishing the river in the summer are landing sunfish and bass. Floating down the Shenandoah is truly one of the best places to be on a sunny day. May and June are productive months, but July and August offers excellent fishing with top water flies. making for exciting takes. Our Float Trips.

A note on Fly Fishing Shenandoah National Park

I understand that people come and want to fly fish in Shenandoah National Park. The Shenandoah Valley is one of the most visited places in the eastern United States. Unfortunately summer is just not the best season to fish for the native brook trout population. In addition to low water, high temperatures severely stress native brook trout. When you catch wild brook trout they quickly become exhausted, and the lack of oxygen means they might never recover even though they swim away when you release them. If you are really into wild brook trout the best fishing season for your fishing trip is fall or spring. Read about fishing SNP.


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