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Landing Nets for Fly Fishing; Trout Approved!

Updated: Feb 6

Brook Trout in a Net

When it comes to fly fishing, having the right gear can make all the difference in your angling experience. Among the essential accessories, a quality net stands out as a reliable companion for landing your prized catch. In the world of fly fishing, where catch and release is often the norm, a well-designed fly-fishing net can help ensure the safe catch and release of your trout and enhance your overall fishing experience. Whether you're on a boat, wading in a river, or casting from the shore, here's everything you need to know about landing nets for fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Nets: A Must-Have Accessory

A landing net is more than just an accessory; it's a crucial tool that you should carry with you. It aids in the safe and efficient landing of fish. For fly fishermen, it's an indispensable piece of equipment. Whether you're pursuing trout, bass, or other species, the right net can make landing your next catch a breeze. There's a wide variety of nets available for fly fishing, each catering to different needs and preferences. From materials and sizes to handle lengths and designs, you'll find a selection of fly fishing nets that cater to every angler's requirements. But there's 15 in the fly shop? What net is going to be right for you?

Materials Matter

Fishing nets for fly fishing come in various materials, including wood, aluminum, and composite materials like carbon fiber. Each material has its advantages, and your choice should be based on your fishing style and personal preferences. Wood nets, for instance, offer a traditional look and feel, while aluminum and carbon fiber nets are known for their durability and strong, lightweight design. Nets for trout should have fine mesh or rubber with small holes less than one inch in size. Mesh or rubber nets protect the fins and slime on a fish, making them the must have.

Size and Handle Length

Fly fishing nets are available in a range of sizes, from small to long-handled boat nets. The size and handle length you choose depends on where and how you fish. Nets made for wading in streams are small and compact, while a boat net with a long handle is ideal for larger fish. My bass net is 36" so I can stay seated at the oars and reach over the boat to land a fish. Mid-length handle fly fishing nets strike a balance for those who need versatility. 

Mesh and Hoop Design

The mesh material used in the net's hoop is essential. Opt for a rubberized or ghost mesh net to protect the fish's delicate scales and slime. These nets are gentle on the fish and minimize the risk of injury during the catch and release process. Consider extra features like a magnetic net release system or some kind of holder for easy access to your net when you need it most, a durable bag for safe storage and transportation, and a camo or black finish to reduce visibility. The bend of the net can also be important to best handle the fish you are landing. 

The Perfect Landing Net

In the world of fly fishing, landing nets are not just an accessory but a fundamental tool for catch and release. Choosing the right landing net can enhance your fishing experience and contribute to the safety and well-being of the fish you catch. With a variety of materials, sizes, and designs to choose from, there's a fly fishing net to suit every angler's needs and preferences. So, the next time you head out for a day on the water, make sure you have a trusty net by your side to land your next prize catch with ease and confidence.


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