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Fly Fishing Gifts That You Can Understand

It is the first of December and if you are anything like me Christmas is rapidly approaching and I have to get on the presents. I, of course, am an excellent gift giver so I never need help picking out the perfect present... but if you are like some people, a suggestion or point in the right direction is helpful.

I had well-meaning family members, but fly fishing was something they never fully got. My mother in particular always wanted to get me something I could use but didn't know where to start. Santa was pretty good at the socks and underwear, but a new double taper 3 weight line was a bit above his pay grade.

Below are some ideas for the regular fly fisher; the one that already has a rod and vest with the tools and all that good stuff. Just for the record I am not a paid sponsor for anybody, but I certainly can be. Happy Holidays and hope that you get that special gift under the tree this year.


-Landing Net- you can find custom or handmade ones that are much better and look beautiful. I actually have a few nets depending on whether it is just me or if I'm in a boat and need a long handle. Look for the mesh or rubber nets.

-Custom Engraved Fly Boxes- there are folks that put designs on boxes both plastic and wood, or you can send your own design or engraving

-Wading Staff- I have mixed feelings as usually sticks are readily available around most streams, but if you suffer with balance problems these can help you from swimming

-Layered Waterproof Jacket- a good rain coat goes a long way, a warm rain coat makes a passing spring rain a lot more tolerable.

-Warm, Breathable socks- our waders are waterproof but unless they are neoprene, they don't keep us warm. I can't speak for everyone, but I want warm, comfortable socks if I'm going to be in the elements all day.

Experiences are also an option that most people don't think of. These don't have to be a full day excursion with a boat and all the bells and whistles. Most local shops or guide services offer half day trips, lessons, or even casting instruction in half hour to full hour clinics. Many guides are willing to work with you to put something together. There are also private water opportunities where you might just pay a "rod fee" to have access to a stream that they are more likely to catch fish. If they have a fishing buddy see if they are interested in splitting the cost of a trip. Guides usually charge the same for one or two people so a very neat experience might be less than you think.

Finally, you can't go wrong with gift certificates. I would urge you, if possible, to patronize your local fly shop. These sales mean a lot to the stores right now and they can help the shopper find what gear is most applicable to their area. You can also find gift certificates available for fly tying companies or for polarized sunglasses. That way they can find the style they want or restock their fly box but you don't have to pick out cdc emergers or size 20 bwo's. Instead you can order a couple thing and enjoy your eggnog.



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