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Friends of the Middle River: Nurturing Ecological Harmony in Staunton and Verona, Va

Tree lined River
Middle River in Verona, VA

Preserving the Middle River's Ecosystems for a Sustainable Future

In the valley surrounding Staunton, Virginia, flows the Middle River, a lifeline that has been sustaining the region's delicate ecological balance and offers a haven of biodiversity. At the forefront of preserving this vital ecosystem lies a dedicated group known as "Friends of the Middle River." Comprising passionate environmentalists, scientists, and nature enthusiasts, and just "do-gooders", this conservation group is on a mission to protect and restore the Middle River's health, ensuring its thriving ecosystems for the well-being of both wildlife, agriculture, and the community.

The Middle River: Augusta County's Own

The Middle River meanders through the farmlands of the Shenandoah Valley South to North, creating a unique mosaic of ecosystems along its course. Contained wholly in Augusta County, water from small watershed of gathered springs near Summerdean, the river begins as a trickle among a highland marsh area. Gathering more water off of North Mountain's Eastern slope the river begins to take on more water. Flowing through farmlands, then north of Staunton through Verona, and eventually ends up in the Shenandoah, all the while supporting an array of habitats that house diverse flora and fauna. Its waters are home to a variety of fish, aquatic insects, and amphibians, while its banks provide refuge for birds, mammals, and a plethora of plant species.

The Ecological Guardians: Friends of the Middle River

Driven by a deep connection to nature and a passion for ecological conservation, Friends of the Middle River emerged in 2009 when the river was placed on the EPA's impaired waterways list due to the river's health. The pollution and poor conservation practices lead to the group forming usually referred to as FOMR. The local group's multifaceted approach to ecological stewardship is built on three fundamental pillars: stream clean-up, benthic and water quality monitoring, and riparian buffers.

Stream Clean-Up: Nurturing Clean Waterways

A sparkling river starts with a clean environment, and Friends of the Middle River recognizes the importance of maintaining the waterways. Regular stream clean-up events gather volunteers from the community to remove litter and debris that can harm aquatic life. Pounds of trash and a lot of tires are removed every year by teams that sign up to see who can find the most. By restoring the riverbanks and water to their natural state, the group promotes a healthy ecosystem that benefits the flora and fauna that rely on the Middle River's waters and hopes to lead by example through service.

Benthic Monitoring: A Window into the River's Health

At the core of ecological conservation lies the understanding of a river's health through it's smallest critters. Through benthic monitoring, Friends of the Middle River collects valuable data about the organisms living in and around the riverbed. These tiny inhabitants, such as aquatic insects and crustaceans, serve as bioindicators of the river's water quality. By studying their populations and diversity, the group gains insights into the river's overall ecological condition and identifies potential stressors that may threaten its delicate balance. FOMR educates the community by conducting several water quality sampling programs such as E. Coli and salt levels, as well as macroinvertabrate sampling.

Riparian Buffers: Nature's Guardians of the Riverbanks

The river's banks play a pivotal role in maintaining ecological harmony, and Friends of the Middle River acknowledges the important significance of riparian buffers. These vegetated strips along the river's edge act as natural filters, reducing pollutants and sediment from entering the water. They also provide crucial habitat for wildlife, stabilize soil to prevent erosion, and regulate water temperature, making the river more resilient to environmental changes. It also adds beauty to the surrounding river if you are spending your day on the water.

A Journey of Ecological Restoration & Education

Beyond their fieldwork, Friends of the Middle River dedicates time and effort to educate the community about the importance of preserving this thriving ecosystem. Whether its events like Earthday at Gypsy Hill Park, Riverfest in Waynesboro, or work/fun attendance at Red Wing Roots Music Festival FOMR likes speaking with the people and asks the public community to become stewards of the Middle River's ecology. Advocacy for responsible land-use practices and conservation policies further strengthens their commitment to securing a sustainable future for the river and its surroundings. Whether you are drawn to action or just want to have some fun at the annual picnic, here is a way to get with some like minded individuals and help the river.

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